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Chess Competition

Make good opening moves!!
Get your pieces in position!!
Coordinate an attack on the king!!
Watch the safety of your own king!!
It's a battle to raise self-esteem, improve cognitive skills and Mathematical concepts among children.
CHESS!!! A game related to real life situations.
To inculcate in young minds the spirit of healthy competition while exhibiting their talents and potential and to develop an all-round personality and bring out the best in them to pave a bright future associated with sports and games activities, The Council (CISCE) endorsed Regional Sports and Games for the holistic development of the child, in body, mind and spirit.
The Chess Tournament - 2022, under 14, was held at st. Joseph, King Koti on 19thAugust, 2022. The pawns were aligned, the pieces were set and the game was about to begin!
Rohan Reddy V, Sankalpa A, Eswar M, SuryaTeja and Varshith from Ramadevi Public School were filled with excitement. The young champions were not just playing the game of kings and queens – but rather strategic thinking, making smart decisions and anticipating consequences. Every contestant was given 25 minutes to make their moves.The result was decided either by the timer or by Checkmate.The tournament was a tough one with all the contestants putting out their best skills.
The players from Ramadevi Public school gave their best to win the game. Finally, after a tough competition, the results were as such:
M Eswar, SuryaTeja and Varshith had won 3 out of 5 rounds. V Rohan Reddy and A Sankalpa had won 4 out of 5 rounds the team secured 2nd position.
It's a proud moment for Ramadevi Public school as V Rohan Reddy and A Sankalpa are selected for National level chess tournament.

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